The big experiment !

If you have read all the previous webpages and understood what you read, then you know that the extra terrestrials are already here, and in your head right now.
And you also understand that you don't have any superpowers within yourself.

Show respect !
And don't ask them questions about topics that must be hidden because of any warfare out there.

The experiment is only about proving that the Extra Terrestrials exist.
Nothing more.
I myself already know the truth, but it must be proven to everyone by an experiment that can be repeated by anyone.

And when that has been proven it will be easier to also connect the dots and make the conclusion that the extra terrestrials are responsible for intuition, hearing voices, precognition, dreams, Dejavu, dowsing, remote viewing, telepathy and all the superpowers of your subconsciousness.
And are also the explanation to the Gods, Angels, Demons in all religions.

This alien technology can been explained as being developed to help communicate by telepathy on some alien world. And some of them have allowed us to us to use it as the superpowers which we can find in our subconsciousness.

The technology they use can scan your brain and also insert electric currents to remote control any signals in your brain.
Which means that they can insert voices, feelings, thougths, visions, and also remote control your movements.

My experience is that they have different strength and prefer to communicate with different senses.
Some of them will speak with the voice of thunder while other are like an almost not detectable whisper.

If the most powerful extra terrestrials have had any intention of showing themselves to everybody, they would already have done that by screaming in your ears.
Which means that we should perhaps concentrate on the weaker voices or weaker remote controlling of our senses.

Why do some of them communicate with so weak signals ?
It can be because of weaker technology, or because they want to make you believe that you have the power within yourself to hide their existense. Or because they have to be silent because of warfare.
Counter measures against sabotage and warfare must be included in the experiments. If possible and if necessary.

A lot of scientists have made similar experiments before, but with the wrong intention.
Experiments in which they want ET to fool them to believe that people have the superpowers within themselves.
Or experiments with the purpose of searching for a weapon that can be used in warfare to kill people.
Did they deserve any help with their experiments ?

People which already have the gift of communicating with the spirits need no experiments, and know by now the explanation to their superpower. And can help spread the information of these webpages.
And you which have no experience can try warm up by reading the webpage about how to find your own demons. And will then be ready to do the experiments.
Or will find the spirits within yourself and need no more proof.


We will try experiments of the dowsing type.
1 In which ET sends a message to you.
2 Or in which ET is a sattelite in a telepathy experiment with a sender and a receiver.

As a curiosity I can tell that many years ago in the old days, I did an experiment trying to find out if I had any superpowers within myself.
And why not make benefit and try earn some money if I am a superman. So I rigged up a computer and a printer and made a program that printed out the bet.
And I made up the rule that to not sabotage anything I should not look at the printed paper until after.
And then I understood why the girl in the betting shop looked at me like I was a pervo.

These puzzle formations of "X" was the extra terrestrials way to tell me that I was on the right track.


So what is dowsing ?
Dowsing is when you use a mechanical device to amplify the weak remote controlled motions coming from the extra terrestrials.
To find water, to find pipes or cables or to find gold or anything else.

And if you understand what dowsing is then you know how to make it more sensitive.
By using a computer and a computer mouse.
And with the potential to filter out noise by mathematical filtering.
In it's easiest way by taking a mean value of many experiments.

To make it even more sensitive we can replace the mouse button with something more sensitive.
A fotocell or touch button, or an elongated lever to a rebuilt mouse.

But at first we will try experiments in which everyone can participate.
A simple computer with a mouse, and a set of different types of programs written in JavaScript on a webpage.


What can go wrong ?   And what can we do to help the experiment ?
ET must be available.
And you must advertise to ET when and where the experiment is.
And what the experiment is about.
And there is a risk of sabotage from other extra terrestrials.
ET must be able to communicate with you, and there is no guarantee for that everyone is fit for the experiment.
In sattelite experiments, both the sender and receiver must be compatible with ET.
If you eat wrong food it will open up for the saboteurs, or break the firewalls.

The more people involved in the experiment the more resistance against sabotage.

If we are doing sattelite experiments (telepathy), then the first experiments can be about to search for people which are compatible to each other and to ET.
And try improve the resistande against sabotage by using multiple senders and receivers in paralel.


The software
To be continued, but first upload the new updated webpages