Ezechiel's holycopter

A helicopter from a 2500 years old description from the Bible.


This holycopter is described in the Bible in at least two different places and models. The description of model Ezechiel is the most objective one because he just tells us what he sees. He doesn't have his own explanations to what he saw, and therefore it is more reliable. Remember that the prophet compares to those construction-materials and things known in the old days. He haven't seen any helicopter before but tries to explain this strange flying thing anyway.

The english bad translation of the Bible about Ezechiel's holycopter is shit and you must read it in another language to realize that it's about a holycopter.

It's easy to fall into that holy-junk-trap when you see something strange. (Is it Jesus is it God or some saint?....) Therefore the description is mixed with a lot of holy junk.
Two descriptions of the helicopter vision by the same prophet exists. In one place it is written that "one face was the face of a cherub" instead of the face of an ox, This implies that there is an uncertainty in what the prophet saw and what he says he saw.


This holycopter is also mentioned by Nostradamus in his famous 1999 year prophecy.


Theory of helicopters :

If you compare an ordinary helicopter to a 4-rotor-helicopter then you will find that a 4-rotor-helicopter can fly much faster. Twice the speed.
And you probably don't need any gearbox.
It's easier to construct the steering-mechanics.

Disadvantages :
You will need a larger hangar to park this helicopter in.


If you need something to show.

It's possible to make the rotors smaller an build them inside a housing. Then you will get something that looks like a futuristic flying car. For example this "Sky-car" from Moller international. It will fly at 630 km/h and it uses ordinary car-fuel 0.16 litres/km.
This car will really make an impression on your boastful friends.

More information is available at Moller international.

As you can see, this type of helicopter can fly at double the speed, compared to an ordinary helicopter.



VTOL Power - The Incredible Bell X-22 VTOL Plane



The quadricopter or AR drone is a toy  remote controlled from your Iphone.




Miniature holycopter from Stanford University.

The "mesicopter", a meso-scale flight vehicle for atmospheric research.
More information is available at Stanford University.
Pictures, movies.

The future
Everyone who have ever traveled by aircraft knows how much time is wasted. The airport is placed out in the forest and therefore you must travel a lot of miles outside the city to get on the air.
With these new types of helicopters you won't need any airports and therefore you will save a lot of time. And you can land the helicopter inside the city or in any open area near the destination. And the speed is almost the same as for the airplanes, 700 km/h.

If you don't need any airports then you can even fly to those places where there are no airports today. This means that helicopters can do the same job as aircraft and railways. But there is no need to build railways or airports anymore.

"Easier than the airport and faster than a train."




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See also Dejavu experience, because it's almost the same. You have seen a place in your dreams before.
Some aliens have managed to build this time-toy and can tell you about the future.


The science and physics do allow time travel
But very often demand that you have a black hole or neutron star in your neighbourhood for your time machine to work.
That perhaps also explains why only a few of the ETs have the precognition technology.

The machine becomes easier to build if there is only information but no physical objects travelling in time.

It's not the same technique used for communication as for sending information backwards in time. Which means two separate types of technology : Quantum communication technology and Time travel technology.


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