How to find your own demons

The first question is :
Do you feel that your life is sabotaged by these aliens. If not, then stop reading and don't care about.

Almost everyone is possessed by demons or spirits or what you like to call these aliens.
And very few know that they are remote controlled, with impulses that pushes them to eat bad food, consume drugs and commit perverted deeds. Or that their coffe drinking babbling mouth has become remote controlled without them knowing it.
It is nothing to be upset about. ( Don't call the pope because he is possessed to. )


What to do ?

scream.jpg (23461 bytes)

It's obvious that it is possible to remote control people and manipulate their feelings and thinking.
By using advanced Extra Terrestrial technology it's possible to insert electric current into a brain and make people struggle and babble. How can you then know if your feelings and thinking are your own. It's just only a matter of electric signals which you do not even know where it started from.

The only way to detect signals from outside is by not generating signals by yourself. You must calm down and stop all your thinking and feeling. A state of mind which ordinary people almost never have. Instead we like to talk and laugh and we are running like crazy to get more fun and happy fellows around us. And therefore we have this mental state of a stormy sea. It's not possible to detect anything strange on this stormy sea. But when our minds have calmed down into a sea as smooth as glass, then all signals coming from outside will be like throwing a stone into this calm sea. "Splash"
It's easier to see these distortions and water-rings on a sea as smooth as glass. These signals are often being camouflaged as being your own thinking and feelings. But when you have learned to calm down and keep this mental state with you constantly, then the warning-bells will ring as soon there is any signals that shouldn't be there.

With a Zapper it is possible to control the electric signals in someone's brain and therefore everything that exists as electric signals can be remote-controlled. It's possible to remote-control your seeing, hearing, thinking, feeling, and movements.


The most evil aliens prefer to use feelings instead of manipulating your thinking.
They are talking to the animal personality, which is more powerful.
Fools and crooks are controlled through feelings.
And very few people listen to intelligent arguments.

Our protection against evil zapping is to learn how to calm our feelings down.

Relaxing is not the same thing as calming down.
Relaxing is apathy, doing nothing.
Calming down is activeness, no feelings or unwanted thoughts allowed.
Fighting is aggressiveness, a feeling against a feeling.

Both your feelings and thougths should be calmed down and under your control.
When you have learnt to have this mental state, you will be able to see the difference between your own versus remote controlled thoughts and feelings.
And you will be able to see or hear the weakest voices.

You should learn to control your feelings, not kill them. I say this because there always are fanatics misinterpreting. Let the children play their games and have fun.

You can learn from some religions how to calm down, but this doesn't mean that you should be totally trapped in these religions.



My own experience of some of these evil aliens is that you can't make them go away with fighting a feeling with your anger, you must learn to calm down their remotecontrolled feeling to make them fail and lose the grip.
And you must understand the difference between apathic relaxing and active calming down. You are in control of your head only when you are actively calming down. You should not fight, you should calm down.



This is your head right now in the picture below, like a stormy sea where you can't see anything strange, and can't see the difference between your own thinking and feelings compared to the thought and feelings that are coming from God, Satan or ET.
And you can't see the weakest signals.
You have to calm down your head, look into your own head and mind, learn to search for the source of all those thoughts that randomly pops up in your head, which you have never before wondered where they come from. Learn to control your mind, is to learn to know if your thougths are your own.


When your mind is calm like the water surface below, you will be able to se the weakest signals.
And it's almost impossible for any remotecontrolled signals from ET, God or Satan to go undetected.



The next step.
Because this is a remotecontrolled phenomenon in which you have no power of yourself, you have to wait for ET to communicate. But there is no guarantee for that they want to communicate with you. At least not the stronger voices which show themselves very rarely, in contrast to the weaker voices.
In the beginning some of them will try to pretend to be your own thoughts and feelings, which will not fool you anymore if you have learnt to calm down and control your head.
You will learn that they have different voices and strength, and prefer to communicate in different ways, thoughts, feelings, visions or voices.
Some are talking loud while others are like a silent whispering.
You will hear both good or evil voices.
And if you want help from your guardian Angels or Demons, then you must do some job explaining or advertizing to them what help you want.
If you are not evil or greedy they will sometimes help. But always try to first find a solution yourself.

Welcome to your intuition, which in fact is ET scanning and inserting signals in your brain.
Now you have learnt to listen to your intuition.



What you eat will have consequences.
Eating paprika for example opens a security breach in which the firewall between good or evil voices in your mind has stopped to work, and you will learn that the evil voices will sound and pretend to be the good voices.
But you will not be affected if you are not doing anything important in your life.
Almonds opens up for evil voices trying to make you insult the good voices. They insert evil provocative talk in your head.
Coffe, tea, chocolate, icecream, porn, is bad for your protection. If you are doing anything important then you become an easy target for the evil, and the good can't protect you.
From the Bible we can learn that milk and honey, or cream and honey is bad. The same ingredients as in icecream. Fat and sugar. I have experience but no explanation to that. I have no bad experience of eating candy or fat food, so what's the difference ? Perhaps vanilla ?
If you get paranoia because people around you behave like conspiring remotecontrolled assholes then the above advice will help. People around you are innocent, they are just remotecontrolled by the Klingons.
Another explanation is that you are just an easy scared paranoid idiot. And no Klingons or conspirations at all.
You will have no trouble as long as you are not doing anything important in your life.
But no guarantee.

In emergency situations.
Your intuition or guardian angels can only help if you do not panic. Try keep your head cool and calm.
You should not let your brains animal hysteric panic stormy sea signals make you paralyzed.


What's next ?
You have now learnt how to control your brain and communicate with your intuition and weak signals.
But for the strongest signals you don't need any advice or training. You will hear them even if your head is like a stormy sea.
And they can take over your bodys movements in an emergency situation. And they can create your dreams.
Or you can hear them speak through the mouth of the coffe-drinking people sitting on the other side of the room.
They are talking about you (without knowing it). Perhaps you become paranoid. But not after reading this webpage which explains everything.
The explanation to these voices makes it a probability that you can get good advice from a tiny child which have good connections to the spirits or ET.
And now you perhaps can draw the lines between all these strange phenomenons and see that they all have the same explanation. Gods, demons, hearing voices, intuition, schizophrenia, telepathy, remote viewing, dowsing, multiple personalities.
Everything can be explained as ET (God Satan Klingons) using advanced technique to scan and insert signals in your brain from a star-system far away.

You can't even be sure about what is a soul or if reincarnation is true anymore.
Your body is an animal like a schimpanze, living in zymbiosis with ET's computer animated soul ?
When people talk like remotecontrolled zombies about me without knowing it, I wonder if they have any brain, thinking or soul of their own ?
How much is remote controlled ?


You can also try to visit people which have the Holy spirit in their head, (Jesus-Dope-Addicts) and perhaps the Holy spirit will jump into your head.
They are stronger than the sources of intuition and dowsing, but remote controls your feelings instead of thinking and movements.
But you perhaps can't find them in an ordinary church where nonbelievers and bad corrupted people go only to melt in among their non-believing neighbours.
And I must warn you about the glasshouse building creature impostor that has infiltrated this sect and will give you the Holy house of glass in your head, but also inspire into acts of sexual perversion and pedophilia.
There is a reason for why pedophilia is 10 times more common among priests in the Catholic church, compared to ordinary people.
Satan give you the best Holy zapperdope candy, and you still believe that it is God or Jesus.
I have had many of these aliens in my head but always been protected by someone with more power to not fall into the trap. Thank's for hitting my face in those weak moments.




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