The scientific explanation to the supernatural, intuition and hearing voices


How to find your own demons

The first question is :
Do you feel that your life is sabotaged by these aliens. If not, then stop reading and don't care about.

Almost everyone is possessed by demons or spirits or what you like to call these aliens.
And very few know that they are remote controlled, with impulses that pushes them to eat bad food, consume drugs and commit perverted deeds.
It is nothing to be upset about. ( Don't call the pope because he is possessed to. )


What to do ?

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It's obvious that it is possible to remote control people and manipulate their feelings and thinking.
By using advanced technology it's possible to connect an electric power cable to a brain and make people struggle and babble. How can you then know if your feelings and thinking are your own. It's just only a matter of electric signals which you do not even know where it started from.

The only way to detect signals from outside is by not generating signals by yourself. You must calm down and stop all your thinking and feeling. A state of mind which ordinary people almost never have. Instead we like to talk and laugh and we are running like crazy to get more fun and happy fellows around us. And therefore we have this mental state of a stormy sea. It's not possible to detect anything strange on this stormy sea. But when our minds have calmed down into a sea as smooth as glass, then all signals coming from outside will be like throwing a stone into this calm sea. "Splash"
It's easier to see these distortions and water-rings on a sea as smooth as glass. These signals are often being camouflaged as being your own thinking and feelings. But when you have learned to calm down and keep this mental state with you constantly, then the warning-bells will ring as soon there is any signals that shouldn't be there.

With a Zapper it is possible to control the electric signals in someone's brain and therefore everything that exists as electric signals can be remote-controlled. It's possible to remote-control your seeing, hearing, thinking, feeling, and movements.


The most evil aliens prefer to use feelings instead of manipulating your thinking.
They are talking to the animal personality, which is more powerful.
Fools and crooks are controlled through feelings.
And very few people listen to intelligent arguments.

Our protection against evil zapping is to learn how to calm our feelings down.

Relaxing is not the same thing as calming down.
Relaxing is apathy, doing nothing.
Calming down is activeness, no feelings allowed.
Fighting is aggressiveness, a feeling against a feeling.

You should learn to control your feelings, not kill them. I say this because there always are fanatics misinterpreting. Let the children play their games and have fun.

You can learn from some religions how to calm down, but this doesn't mean that you should be totally trapped in these religions.




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How to find your own demons

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