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" The term subconscious is used in many different contexts and has no single or precise definition. This greatly limits its significance as a meaning-bearing concept, and in consequence the word tends to be avoided in academic and scientific settings

In everyday speech and popular writing, however, the term is very commonly encountered. There it will be employed to refer to a supposed 'layer' or 'level' of mentation (or/and peception) located in some sense 'beneath' conscious awareness -- though, again, the notion's dependence upon informal 'folk-psychological' models that remain vague means that the precise nature and properties of this 'underlying' layer are either never made explicit or possess an ad hoc quality. At different times, references to the 'subconscious' as an agency may credit it with various abilities and powers that exceed those possessed by consciousness: the 'subconscious' may apparently remember, perceive and determine things beyond the reach or control of the conscious mind. The idea of the 'subconscious' as a powerful or potent agency has allowed the term to become prominent in the New Age and self-help literatures, in which investigating or controlling its supposed knowledge or power is seen as advantageous. The 'subconscious' may also be supposed to contain (thanks to the influence of the psychoanalytic tradition) any number of primitive or otherwise disavowed instincts, urges, desires and thoughts. "


My own definition :
The subconscious is the part of your personality and mental power that is controlled from remote by aliens.

Intuition is only a tiny part of this subconsciousness.
And hearing voices (or multiple personalities) is a special case in which your subconsciousness guests can't keep their mouth shut and therefore becomes a part of your consciousness.

As you know from wikipedia, the subconsciousness has far greater power than your consciousness.
And now you know the reason.


Some of these subconsciousness guests are perverted evil creatures.
Zapping your mind with sadism or sexual perversion or evil advice.
Or pushing you to consume drugs and bad food, or even committing suicide.
While others are your guardian angels. Rescuing your life when you are in danger, or giving you good advice.







External links about Schizophrenia, multiple personalities
Up To 28% Of All People Hear Voices - WHY?
Are Schizophrenia Simulations Accurate?
The voices in my head - Eleanor Longden

" To all appearances, Eleanor Longden was just like every other student, heading to college full of promise and without a care in the world. That was until the voices in her head started talking. Initially innocuous, these internal narrators became increasingly antagonistic and dictatorial, turning her life into a living nightmare. Diagnosed with schizophrenia, hospitalized, drugged, Longden was discarded by a system that didn't know how to help her. Longden tells the moving tale of her years-long journey back to mental health, and makes the case that it was through learning to listen to her voices that she was able to survive. "

"She is digging her own grave !", Is what the voices said when that "stupid woman" searched for help from the shrink. Truth 100%

"The voices dictated the answers in her head during the exams", "counts as cheating"

" it was through learning to listen to her voices that she was able to survive. "

And got help to cheat during the exams. . . :-)

Which shows that these voices are no random babble, but the intelligent guests that SETI is looking for.
And a bonus is that you need not worry about how to communicate because they have been in our heads for thousands of years and speak almost any language on this planet earth.
Hearing Voices : an Insiders Guide to Auditory Hallucinations
Why Are the Voices Negative?

Some evil Klingons hate you and want you to kill yourself.
Drugs and your extreme paranoia is what help them make you end up at hospital or kill yourself, while others find it amazingly funny to hear voices in their heads to talk to.
Embrace your Klingon guardian angels and tell them that you are proud of being the ugliest stinking, stupid living being in the world. You have worked so hard to achieve this goal. Do you Klingons have any advice of how to become more stinky and worthless ?
Try talk to them instead of only listening! Because they are no hallucinations at all. They can hear and interact.
And maybe ask if some other voices can say something disgusting positive instead of only good negative. Because there are not only negative voices.

I read about a paranoid guy putting up 30 security cameras because of hearing voices.
It's your paranoia and other stupid shit in your head that kill you. Have fun and explore your intuition and voices instead.
And notice that the shrink can't help you, and doesn't even know what is happening at all. Keep away from the shrink and drugs!
The conclusion from that page is that the shrinks can't explain a shit.

They have statistics of genetic, drug and environmental type. But no explanation.
They have tons of theories, but can't even agree on such a simple thing as how to make the diagnose.

"A number of attempts have been made to explain the link between altered brain function and schizophrenia."

"As of 2009 there is no objective test."

"Schizophrenia affects around 0.3 - 0.7% of people at some point in their life, or 24 million people worldwide as of 2011."

Compare that to 3-4 percent hearing voices. Healthy and intelligent people are hearing voices.They have no diagnose of Schizophrenia.
So don't be fooled by ET's warfare and smoke screen to think about these people hearing voices as maniacs.

And if some of these voices can talk about and predict the future, then the alarm bells should be ringing at SETI.
No hallucination or technology on this planet can predict the future. It must be ET.
There are also some examples of precognition in the Bible.

And here is how ET is fighting his war against us, unleashing his remote controlled Zombies to declare any witnesses of ET as insane maniacs.
And by that the smoke screen is rised up to stop SETI from recognizing ET.

"The psychiatrist Kurt Schneider (1887 - 1967) listed the forms of psychotic symptoms that he thought distinguished schizophrenia from other psychotic disorders. These are called first-rank symptoms or Schneider's first-rank symptoms, and they include delusions of being controlled by an external force; the belief that thoughts are being inserted into or withdrawn from one's conscious mind; the belief that one's thoughts are being broadcast to other people; and hearing hallucinatory voices that comment on one's thoughts or actions or that have a conversation with other hallucinated voices."

That description will also fit to the Nobel Prize Winners intuition, "thoughts are being inserted into or withdrawn from one's conscious mind;"
Do you really think that Nobel Prize Winners are insane schizophrenic maniacs ?

"The book and film A Beautiful Mind chronicle the life of John Forbes Nash, a Nobel Prize-winning mathematician who was diagnosed with schizophrenia."

I assume his "schizophrenic hallucinated" brilliant ALIEN thinking was the reason for his Nobel Prize.
So what is schizophrenia ? (a smoke screen diagnose to hide ET)

Hey hello SETI wake up

If you suddenly hear a voice speak in your head then you probably would be so scared that you will shit in your pants.
Like the descriptions in the Bible about people hearing God speak to them.
Or like the scientist Angelo
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" The voices fooled him by telling him that he would die. "

Think about it and understand what experience people have that ends up at the hospital with the diagnosis of schizophrenia.
It's easy for ET to make people look insane.

Do you now understand what I meant when I wrote that some ET's are launching a war against us.
And you have them in your head right now. Shit in your pants.

- - -
Red alert for ET's remote controlled zombies writing negative or joking away the subject.
We are under attack, and you can't trust your brain. Can SETI break through that mental warfare ?




External links about Parapsychology, ESP

Most of this research is done from the wrong point of view, in which the scientists believe these people to have the supernatural powers within themselves. The truth is that these powers are coming from outside, the same way as intuition and hearing voices.

Telepathy and remote viewing for example sounds like magic performed by supermen with superpowers until you find the correct physical explanation. It can be simple explained as using ET as a sattelite. Noone have the supernatural powers within themselves.

Scientific explanation
All of these strange phenomenons can physically be explained as ET reading and remote controlling the electric signals in a human brain with his quantum technology.
It's quantum physics in which ET perhaps have found the smart trick, how to use the physics phenomenon of "quantum entanglement" to communicate.

Photographic Memory

" Also, it is not uncommon that some people may experience 'sporadic eidetic memory', where they may describe some number of memories in very close detail. These sporadic occurrences of eidetic memory are not triggered consciously in most cases. "

The subconsciousness again, indicates that it's ET again.
And the keywords are, "we can't control it ourselves".


" Reincarnation is believed to occur when the soul or spirit, after the death of the body, comes back to life in a new form, such as another animal or anything that is living. However, once born sometime things from a person's previous life are forgotten. This doctrine is a central tenet within the majority of Indian religious traditions, such as Hinduism, Jainism, and Sikhism; the Buddhist concept of rebirth is also often referred to as reincarnation. The idea was also fundamental to some Greek philosophers and religions as well as other religions, such as Druidism, and later on, Spiritism, and Eckankar. It is also found in many small-scale societies around the world, in places such as Siberia, West Africa, North America, and Australia. . . .

. . .Psychiatrist Ian Stevenson, from the University of Virginia, investigated many reports of young children who claimed to remember a past life. He conducted more than 2,500 case studies over a period of 40 years and published twelve books, including Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation and Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect. Stevenson methodically documented each child's statements and then identified the deceased person the child identified with, and verified the facts of the deceased person's life that matched the child's memory. He also matched birthmarks and birth defects to wounds and scars on the deceased, verified by medical records such as autopsy photographs, in Reincarnation and Biology. . .

. . .Stevenson searched for disconfirming evidence and alternative explanations for the reports, and believed that his strict methods ruled out all possible "normal" explanations for the child's memories. . .

. . .The most obvious objection to reincarnation is that there is no evidence of a physical process by which a personality could survive death and travel to another body ". . .

But that's not true anymore if we think about the human mind and personality as a symbiozis of primitive animal human ape and ET's quantum technology.
The body died, but ET's quantum part of our mind and personality survived. Can we think about it as a quantum soul ?  Speculate about it in the talk forum.

But it should not perhaps be explained as a reincarnation, but instead as a information leak between all the bodies that ET is connected to. And perhaps some of our dreams also can be explained as leaks.

You can find the ET-part of your own personality only if you start searching for it, because they prefer to work camouflaged and pretend to be your own thoughts and feelings.




External links about Dowsing

Dowsing is the use of a mechanic or electronic device to amplify the tiny movements of your body that comes from your subconscious mind.
Which is remotecontrolled from ET, God, Demons, Angels or whatever you call them.
Unlike the powerful demons, they are minimizing their power for some unknown reason. Perhaps because of warfare ?
History of Water Dowsing with "What's Below"
Water Witching 101
Water Dowsing Expert Jack Coel Proves Skill
Your Pendulum and Its Secret Uses
Dowsing For Gold
Using Dowsing rods – Dowsing explained (It's not mysterious!)

" Skeptics and some supporters believe that dowsing apparatus has no power of its own but merely amplifies slight movements of the hands caused by a phenomenon known as the ideomotor effect: people's subconscious minds may influence their bodies without their consciously deciding to take action. This would make the dowsing rods a conduit for the diviner's subconscious knowledge or perception. "

" The scientific explanation for what happens when people dowse is that “ideomotor movements” – muscle movements caused by subconscious mental activity – make anything held in the hands move. It looks and feels as if the movements are involuntary. The same phenomenon has been shown to lie behind movements of objects on a Ouija board. "

" Various theories have been given as to what causes the rods to move: electromagnetic or other subtle geological forces, suggestion from others or from geophysical observations, ESP and other paranormal explanations, etc. Most skeptics accept the explanation of William Carpenter (1852). The rod moves due to involuntary motor behavior, which Carpenter dubbed ideomotor action.

Some people are less interested in why the rods move than in whether dowsing works. Obviously, many people believe it does. Dowsing and other forms of divination have been around for thousands of years. "

What is Dowsing ?

" To dowse is to search, with the aid of simple hand held tools or instruments, for that which is otherwise hidden from view or knowledge. It can be applied to searches for a great number of artefacts and entities. It is most commonly known by most people in association with searching for underground water; not surprising considering the absolute need for water by man and his animals and cultivated plants which sustain him.

What is more difficult for the newcomer to accept is that dowsing can be carried out at a distance and, moreover, the distance itself has no bearing on the results; dowsing can be carried out for something in the next room or the next continent. This is of immense practical use for site dowsers who save themselves and their clients valuable time by initially, at least, dowsing at a distance to seek the direction of the nearest source, for example, or actually dowsing over a map of an area to determine more precisely the target of the search. "




External links about Dejavu experience.

When you feel that you have seen a place before. But you have not been there before.
Perhaps through a zapped vision in your dreams.

The dejavu experience is just a memory of that remote controlled dream.

My own experience of Dejavu is that it is a memory from a dream I had weeks or moths before.
Which means that it is a vision or dream created by some ET with precognition capacity.

My last experience was about the house that fell down in Miami.
Perhaps I could have done something to save these people, but noone will listen to a freak.
If ET are willing to coperate, and if other people are willing to help, we can try to help save people from disaster in the future.
I had a separate webforum set up for people to report these kind of dreams or events, but noone is visiting so I deleted it after many years.




Links about Psychokinetic power.  R E D   A L E R T

Moving physical objects with your supernatural power.
Humbug all of it.
If they can't move the stone, then they can at least zap anyone to see an illusion of a moving stone. So what did really happend.

Unlike all the other paranormal phenomenon, psychokinetic power can't be explained as manipulating peoples brains from remote, if there really is anything physical moving.
This is about people themselves claiming to have supernatural power. But there is also no reason to believe that anyone have this power.
All of it is magic illusions and fake.
R E D   A L E R T